Clinic Surprise Experts
We Check, We Examine, We Solve. Clinic Surprise Experts is a medical clinic that is ran by the best doctors in Turkey.
Our clinic provides you with the consultation and the solutions you need, we aim to work on making your life more comfortable and easier for you. Free Transportation We pick you up […]


Worbimed is a highly reputable multinational clinic that has established itself as a reliable specialist in the field of hair transplantation and aesthetic operations such as dental treatments and rhinoplasty. Our clinic employs qualified specialists, each of whom has treated more than 10,000 patients in their specialization. In particular, patients from all over the world […]


Wonder Hair Clinic is one of the most important clinics performing sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul, the apple of the eye of Turkey. The satisfaction of its patients is at the forefront at Wonder Hair Clinic, which is managed by doctors who are globally recognized in their field. All processes of the operations are followed […]


Located in Istanbul, Turkey, in other words, the health tourism capital of the world, HospitalXP carries all advantages the location offers, in addition to a more specialized and personalized approach to aesthetics. HospitalXP is a DentSpa subsidiary company fully and solely owned by DentSpa; therefore, HospitalXP shares the same work ethic and values as its […]


We believe that hair transplantation must be performed in the presence of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. We provide hair transplantation services under sterile conditions in a hospital environment with our experienced plastic surgery specialist and professional team. World Plast Hair provides a high level of service, transportation, accommodation and aims to keep providing services in […]

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