OVERVIEW Estepera is proudly one of the best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey. We have devoted ourselves exclusively to hair restoration procedures and treatments since the establishment of our clinic in. We, at Estepera, are proud of our impeccable reputation thanks to the quality of the treatments we offer and the professionalism of our staff. […]


Get to know about our clinic Our clinic is located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. It is being run by a highly trained aesthetic medical professional who celebrates an experience of more than 15 years in the same industry. Since we understand the requirement and desire of every individual suffering from hair loss, we have […]


Who is Adem Kose? First years Adem Köse was born in 1984 in Bayburt. After graduating from primary school in Bayburt, he completed his secondary education at Bayburt Health Vocational High School. Due to his outstanding effort and success in his education life, he was entitled to enter the Sivas Cumhuriyet University Vocational School of […]


About Us It is an outstanding hair transplantation center that performs hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation under the supervision of hospitals and doctors with its expert staff in hair transplantation operations and ensures the continuity of its success with its innovative applications. As one of the successful hair transplantation centers in Turkey in the field […]


We’ll Take Care of You At Vita Estetic, the Doctors we recommend provide patients with the best quality services for all their medical needs. We believe in understanding the root of each patient’s health concerns through a carefully systematic and personalized approach. Doctors aim to minimize confusion by providing straightforward information regarding diagnosis and treatment. […]


Wonder Hair Clinic is one of the most important clinics performing sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul, the apple of the eye of Turkey. The satisfaction of its patients is at the forefront at Wonder Hair Clinic, which is managed by doctors who are globally recognized in their field. All processes of the operations are followed […]


As One Hair Clinic in Turkey/Istanbul, one of the world’s leading countries in hair transplantation and plastic surgery, we provide services to patients from all over the world in the fields of hair transplantation and plastic surgery with our expert doctors and staff with more than years of experience. The health and safety of the […]


Heva Clinic Hair Transplantation & Dental Treatments is both a hair transplant and dental treatment clinic that consists of professional hair transplant surgeons and dentists in Istanbul, Turkey. Heva Clinic has been specialising in all areas of hair loss, hair restoration and dental treatments since 2010. In that time we have established ourselves as one of […]


AVRASYA HOSPITAL GAZIOSMANPAŞA Avrasya Hospitals, which grows and develops day by day, has taken on a new identity and modern architectural appearance in the field with Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa, the third hospital of the group. Under the leadership of Chairman of the Board – General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Hüseyin Urlu,  Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa started […]


We believe that hair transplantation must be performed in the presence of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. We provide hair transplantation services under sterile conditions in a hospital environment with our experienced plastic surgery specialist and professional team. World Plast Hair provides a high level of service, transportation, accommodation and aims to keep providing services in […]


Why Choose Haista Clinic for Your Hair Transplant? At Haista Clinic, we have been providing exceptional hair transplant services for 8 years. We understand that hair loss can affect your confidence and self-esteem, which is why we are committed to helping you regain your confidence and feel your best. Here are some reasons why you […]


About Us Medeks Clinic We offer tailor-made hair transplant services to our customers in our center located in Istanbul Şişli since 15 years.

 We have an extensive experience happily confirmed by more than 20.000+ satisfied patients which makes us a reference in hair transplant.

Do not wait any longer to get a natural looking hair! PROCEDURE […]

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